2012 Pisces Sound
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Pisces uses professional audio equipment to keep you, your band, or event sounding it's best.

* Audix, Audio Technica, Heil, Sennheiser, Shure, AKG, EV and Rode Microphones
Accurate reproduction begins at the source with the appropriate microphone
Active and passive DIs by Radial, Countryman, EWI and Whirlwind

* AKG Wireless Vocal Systems
FCC approved frequencies, multi-channel transmitters coordinated between units.

* Allen-Heath and Yamaha Digital Mixing Desks
Scalable solutions tailored for your event

* JTR Noesis 3TX Loud Speakers
Ultra low distortion,133db output
BMS Coaxial comp drivers w/60x40 coverage
Additional coverage of 120 degrees with 2/side

* JTR Horn-Loaded Growler Sub Woofers
Efficient, musical and powerful performance, 130db output
Growlers are felt as well as heard, their size is overwhelmingly deceiving

* Reliable QSC and Crest Professional Power Amps Link
Extremely low distortion, exceptional dynamic headroom, low power draw
QSC Powerlight, PL2, and PLX professional audio power amplifiers

* JBL Two-Way MRX512M Monitor Wedges
The best performance begins with a quality monitor system
Multiple monitor mixes and drum fill available with Ashly processing